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Welcome to the Colt Weapon and Tactical Light Stocking Dealer/Distributor Program: A Colt Representative will contact you shortly to walk you through the trouble-free buy-in process, usually staring at $400-$1000 and will discuss the FREE-DEMO lights program. We have some basic rules... But keep in mind that we really want this program to be a blessing to you company. #1, You may always "Bundle" our lights with other products in order to provide great bundle discounts as long as it's a quality bundle and not simply a light bundled with batteries. (It's pretty much the only way you can ever sell below MAP)Dealer MAY combine products in "bundles" with other branded products in order to provide good deals and offers to its customers. Again, This is the only allowable method to provide substantial discounts. Bundling Colt illumination products with other outdoor items such as backpacks, safety products, and outdoor gear, for example, allows for "bundles to be created without compromising the Colt illumination program. #2: " Dealer/Distributor" agrees to maintain Colt Light models in their store/facility at all times for purposes of allowing customers to see, examine, or purchase products. (so that we can recommend call-in customers directly to your shop for a visit.) #3 Dealer/Distributor agrees not to sell on Ebay or Amazon without written permission from the ColtLights team And further agrees not to discount products or auction them below MAP if they are allowed by us to sell on those platforms. #4 Dealer/ Distributor agrees to represent the Colt brand with respect and understands that it conducting itself as a non-employee representative for the Colt products. Welcome To Colt's ColtLights!
I have read, understand, and agree to the above agreement.*

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